I am not in the mood…

…to work hard. Certain work conditions are slowly breaking me down and yesterday, I’d had my fill of it. I basically lost my will to work hard. I know it is stupid, childish, and isn’t going to hurt anyone but myself, but I woke up feeling a little stubborn this week. I’m sure I’ll get over it. But frankly, I’d rather be shopping online, researching for our vacation, or looking up fun halloween crafts to do with my nieces and nephews.

Besides the work drama, things are fine at home but I could use a few more weekends worth of time to get some things done that I would like to get done outdoors. The October rain has started and the weekends have been largely committed to that. And we’ve been busy. And sick. Not optimal, but ok. There are also lots of indoor projects to do. Basically, projects EVERYWHERE! No wonder I feel overwhelmed, right?

I spent some time with the family this past weekend for Hannah’s sixth birthday. Kevin and I are blessed to have so many kids in our lives, but I feel a really special connection to Hannah. Maybe it’s because we are related by blood? Maybe it’s because she’s friggin brilliant for being six and knows me so well? Or maybe it’s because I bought her a Santa suit her first christmas? We also just found out she’s going to have a baby sister or brother in April and it makes me wonder what kind of a relationship I’ll have with the new baby. Especially because by the time that baby is born, I’ll have (hopefully? maybe? possibly?) a prospect of a baby of my own. I am so excited for Hannah to be a big sister and so excited for my own big sister to be a mother again.

Alright, I’m ranting now. I had the best of intentions of updating you with a concise post about a specific topic. And here I am, blog vomit. My apologies.


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