Hello, Spring.

It’s my absolute favorite time of year.  Everything is awash in green. Roads I’ve been traveling down for months, suddenly framed by budding trees with dark, spring-shower-soaked trunks suddenly seem unrecognizable. The days are warm (mostly), the evenings are cool (mostly), and it’s really hard not to feel like you’re standing right on the edge of something breathtaking.

Things are changing around here, too.

After 10.5 months, I’ve found a job.  I start on Monday and I am SO excited. I’ll be doing more of what I love, working with kids and families and I think the whole thing sounds awesome.

I’m apprehensive, of course. (You do know me, right?) I’m going to miss getting Sam off to and home from school.  There is something special about kissing him goodbye and watching him march, with confidence, to the playground to line up with his classmates. I’ll also miss spending four days a week with Nate. It’s so fun to see him going from baby to force of nature, topped with wild golden curls. I don’t know exactly what the next few days and months will look like, but I’m just excited to get at it.

We have a trip coming up in July (one of the perks of job negotiation) to visit with my family.  Dual income. Warm weather. Open windows. A concert or two.

My winter is finally ending.