My attempt to make good

I should be making a shopping list. I should be showered and dressed and ready to tackle the needs of the day. But, I just…can’t. This week has been a rough one for humanity and it’s been cutting to the quick for me. It feels like every time I try to find some light and some rationale, something else taps me on the shoulder to remind me just how crappy things are.

Yesterday, for example, I was looking into the Tamir Rice Memorial Fund. I found a website established and there were tens of thousands of dollars in donations. I scrolled through the 122 pages of comments of people making contributions large and small, and leaving notes of encouragement, sympathy, and hope for the Rice family.

There it was. The love of many.


So I tweeted the link. And as it got retweeted again and again, someone brought to my attention that the website was actually started by someone who may have questionable intentions. I could find no other support or evidence to confirm or deny this claim, other than an article from a local news outlet that said the family was starting a fund, and contributions could be made at any US Bank branch.


Disheartening doesn’t begin to describe it.

Sure, the love I saw was real. There’s still so much love. Those comments were full of hope and support, tempered anger. But all those people with such good intentions gave blindly (like I nearly did) and their messages and donations may only pad the pocket of a rotten-souled villain.

Eff that.

I’m going to be making a donation to the Rice family, but I’ll be visiting the US Bank branch across the street from my office to do it. If you aren’t local and would like to join in, let me know in the comments and I’m happy to work something out with you.


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