There’s a whole lot of love

Y’all it has been a rough time for many in recent days, weeks, and months. I hope you believe me when I say to you that I don’t take all of that lightly.  I get overwhelmed by the largeness of it all, too.  The loudness. When there is so much pain, strife, stress and sadness, how can I possibly do anything at all to help?  I want a dark room, a big blanket, and silence.

Then I see all the signs of love in the world.

I see communities rising to support those in need and take a stand for what they believe is right.  I see toddlers hugging each other with reckless abandon.  I see smiles from strangers.  I read stories about paying it forward. I see triple rainbows and pink sunrises and I still feel the sun on my face.

Above everything, I think I am most grateful for the ability to see the beauty through the chaos.  There’s so much good in the world, peeps. Really. Let’s let that weigh us down, instead of all the ugly stuff.

We can do so much more with love on our side.


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