What’s your superpower?

SuperpowersIf you were a superhero, what would your superpowers be?

Me? Oh, I’m armed with several powers, as of late: INCREDIBLE INTENSITY! BOTTOMLESS WORRY! NAGGING SELF DOUBT! INCURABLE INSOMNIA! DEVASTATING PREOCCUPATION! Pretty intimidating, right? Terrifying, even.

Jealous? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Like any newly minted superhero, I’m struggling to control these powers. If I can’t figure out how to keep them in check, how can I keep them from destroying everything in my path? How do I keep them from destroying me? If I learn to wield them in just the right way, can I use them for good?

Don’t worry, I have other superpowers that, at times, compliment (or at least attempt to balance out) the others. Powers like: EXTREME EMPATHY! UNSHAKEABLE OPTIMISM! EARTH-SHAKING HOPE! THUNDERING INTUITION! FIERCE COMPASSION! I’m learning to wield these as well.  I have suspicion I could do some good with these, too.

I guess I just have to keep practicing.


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