I grew up near a coastal community in the deep south and I remember many a water safety lesson that focused on what should happen if you are swimming and get caught the current.  What a metaphor, right?

Ya’ll, I’ve been getting caught in all kinds of currents.  Some of them are serve a purpose, some make me mad because they could have been avoided, and some of them come out of nowhere and have me choking on salt water and sand.

Sam turned three this month (THREE!) and we’ve been doing lots of transitioning with him (big boy underpants being one of them) and Kevin and I have been doing lots of adjusting to life with a toddler who is figuring himself out too.  If the first few weeks of being three are any indication, we have some exciting/terrifying/infuriating/incredible things ahead of us this year.

I’ve also been completely overwhelmed at work, which isn’t really anything new.  It just means that when things feel slightly unstable at home AND at work, it makes it hard for me to know which end is up.

Kevin and I are trying to figure out how to “take back our marriage”.  We realized we only went out on one date this past summer…and it was to a work function.  We originally thought a night away would be just what we needed, but then the potty train started and we want to get a little further along with it before we entrust Sam to someone overnight.  I think we really need to take some time out for ourselves…especially if we want to work on Phase II of The Home Improvement Project. 

All that to say, I know I need to just keep swimming parallel to shore.  I know the riptides will release me and I’ll be able to put my feet in sand eventually.  I just need to be reminded every now and again.


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