The 40 day challenge

Hey ya’ll.  I can’t even remember where I left off with you all.  I’m not sure where exactly I’ve been lately.  I mean, I know where I’ve physically been: work, home, work, home, library, grocery store, work, home, work, home, Kansas City for a work conference, work, home.  You catch the drift.  It’s like the centrifugal force of the mundane has me locked in.  I just. can’t. stop. 

I’ve really been relating to this lately:


I’m not sure what I am, but I know I could be happier.

So enters the idea of this 40 day challenge.  See, I’ve been feeling sad, I’m gaining weight (thanks lack of breastfeeding), and frankly we have a second Home Improvement Project we’d really like to start sooner rather than later.

I’ve decided to put my pajama pants aside and work out once a day for the next 40 days.  30 minutes minimum.

I put the alert out on twitter yesterday and I’ve already got two friends joining me on my journey!  The more the merrier, so please let me know if you’d like to take part, too.  I’m going to be holding myself accountable on twitter and on the BOTB Facebook page.  Maybe I’ll instagram it too?  At any rate, I’ve also announced that I’ll be sending prizes to those who join (and survive) the 40 day challenge with me.  Who’s in?


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