Good News Tuesday XIII

It’s Good News Tuesday, and that means it’s time to share all the good things going on today.  What’s the good word?  Let’s get to it.

  • It’s Election Day!  Get out and vote, people!
  • They are revitalizing the area of downtown surrounding my office building.  This is GREAT for the city (but not so great for my head–thanks alot, Mr. Jackhammer)
  • I realized yesterday how much peace I have found in the last few months at my job. I got caught up in some drama last year (and man, does it still haunt me), but some toxic people are gone some new players have joined the fold, and I’m actually feeling pretty confident in alot of ways.
  • Thanks to Halloween, I have an abundance of chocolate at my immediate disposal…for now. 🙂
  •  I have a few ideas for writing prompts.  Keep them coming!

Ok, what else is going on that is good in the world?  Do share, please.


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