One of the ways that I’m going to keep this thing going day after day is by using some writing prompts.  Not always, but sometimes.  Today’s prompt is conflict.

Conflict has been a big topic in our house lately.  Mostly, it’s because my son is two and has started…biting.  Not just us, but he has started biting his friends at daycare.  This is not a total surprise.  He is not yet equipped with the tools to fully express himself.  Also, I have read that it is fairly common. Additionally, I was a biter when I was a kid because I had no other way to express what I was feeling.  I can actually remember playing school with my dolls and biting them when they didn’t do something right.  I felt ridiculous typing that just then.  They were dolls, for cryin’ out loud.

Anyhow, we’ve been working hard to support vocal expression of anger and better ways to express displeasure.  If I’m being honest, it’s been as valuable a lesson for me as it has been for Sam.  See, my introverted self will go to all kinds of lengths to avoid making things feel awkward for everyone else because awkwardness could lead to conflict.  This means, if some one does something totally heinous to me, I grin and bear it first and deal with it later in the privacy of my own head.  This aspect of myself totally sucks, and I think Sam is the same.  Lucky us.  I’ve seen him get clawed in the face by a random kid in our mommy/baby swim class with no reaction!  When I witnessed that, I began to understand that this kid may have my husband’s boyish good looks and outgoing personality, but he is such my mini-me.  Genetics is a weird yet wonderous thing.

So where does this all lead us?  Near constant conversations about what to do when you get mad.  Stomp your feet!  What do you say? “I’m Mad!”  We also read the book Hands Are Not For Hitting on a daily basis.  And we also talk about how there are always better choices.

Because there are, always, better choices aren’t there?


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