Good News Tuesday XII

I did a little bit of sleuthing recently and found that the last time I did a “Good News Tuesday” post was in November of 2011.  Surely that can’t be right.  Surely I’ve had cause and reason to count my blessings publicly since then?!  The answer is irrevocably yes.  I just haven’t.  So the good word today is:

  • I’m back!  Hello!
  • I think I’m slowly mastering the art of dealing with crap and becoming a mature being in the world of work.  For the first time in a bit, I feel comfortable and in control.  I wouldn’t say I feel awesome all the time, but I’d say that there’s some weird liberation happening in being able to clearly define my role, my work load, and the expectations of those I work with.  I’m putting it in the “win” category, because if you knew at all how I was feeling even 6-8 weeks ago about work, you’d know I’ve come an amazing way in a very short amount of time.
  • Smedette returned to Portland and is a chipper, tweeting fool!
  • Kim’s girls are 6 months old and adorable! And she’s an amazing, level-headed, no nonsense female role model. 
  • Gillian started a new blog/web project which is weirdly fascinating. 
  • I’ve become a pinterest addict.  My boards are amazing.
  • My baby boy is growing into quite a hilarious young person.  I don’t think he means to be hilarious most of the time…Or maybe he does.  Does it matter?  He brings laughter and joy to even the most heart wrenching and stressful days. His favorites lately are growling like a dinosaur and then saying “Sy-so (dinosaur) Sammy!” and laughing.  He is also a fan of reaching out to us and saying “Tickoo, Tickoo (tickle)” laughing hysterically, and then asking “I funny?” I can’t believe he’s going to be two in just over a month.
  • I made THE MOST AMAZING snickerdoodle bar cookies recently from a recipe I found on pinterest.  I have dreams about them nightly.

Ok, so that’s about all I can muster from work before I head to daycare for pick-up.  What’s on your good news list to share?


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