I think I might love you, Vacation.

Hey, Ya’ll.  Rather than apologize like I might normally do for abandoning (yet again) my little plot of space here where I ramble from time to time about my latest emotional issues, I’ll just say this.  We went on vacation for 11 days and it. was. glorious.

Sweet, delicious vacation!  How I miss thee…

We didn’t even do anything exotic or extravagant.  Basically, we parked ourselves at my Mom’s place near Seattle, WA and played games, cooked, blew bubbles in the yard with the kids, ate ice cream at inappropriate times of day, and had ourselves a good old time just being away.  I refused to talk about work or money issues, or sleep issues or body image issues or any of the things that plague me in my real life.  It was a veritable utopia for a week.  My head was happily in the sand and I was happy not to have to deal with anything.

So, when do I get to go back again?


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