In which I accidentally accomplish one of my resolutions

In the midst of it all, I made it through a hellish month, started running, turned 34 (gulp!) and now it’s JUNE.  All thanks to without massive amounts of chocolate! Even I have to laugh at myself some times…or maybe the sweets have given me the giggles.  

At any rate, I know I’ve been pretty quiet, but I’ve been surviving. Truth be told, I’m pretty proud of myself for that fact. Life has been really hard lately.  Work has been various shades of heinous for more months than I care to admit.  It seems like every time I thought I was on the road to better things, something ridiculous like losing another member of the team would happen and I’d be right back at it.  I’ve grown ridiculously (more) disorganized and I’ve missed really important targets.  There are days I have felt like the only thing holding me together was the very skin that is, actually, holding me together.  I’ve let the past haunt me and the future paralyze me.  However, I can very unapologetically say that I’m super proud of what I was able to accomplish given all of the change and demands put upon me this year.  Everything was out of control, but rather than completely spiral out myself or have a coronary trying desperately to control that which I could not, I persevered.  I allowed the very best that I could do to be enough.  Wasn’t that one of my wishes for 2013?  GO ME!

I also started running.  I know, weird right?  Totally.  I have never really understood runners.  How on earth could that be fun? But one day, I finally reached a point of critical mass.  The stress had taken such a toll that I needed to do something drastic.  So I downloaded a couch-to-5K app on my phone and set out.  Seeing as I’ve never really been physically fit, this program is totally kicking my ass.  I know I would be doing a great deal better if I was doing it as regularly as I am supposed to, but I haven’t given up and that’s major.  I’m moving a few sporadic times per week. Last time I checked, that was more than I was moving before I started.  

This weekend also marked my 34th birthday.  Despite it being such a weird birthday to celebrate (“Yay, I’ve officially moved from early to mid-thirties.”), I had a really amazingly lovely day.  I took the afternoon off with Kevin while Sam was still at daycare.  We went shopping and grabbed lunch at the food court, and went out for coffee before picking Sam up.  We spent some time with him before the babysitter arrived, and then went out to see “The Great Gatsby”.  I really like Baz Luhrmann films, and this was no exception.  The last time I read the book was probably in high school and I couldn’t recall all the details of the original story which was just as well.  I have a feeling it was pretty accurate, though.  Well, maybe not the Jay-Z music. After the movie we went to a nearby favorite for drinks and dinner.  I had a white peach margarita which was delicious, and a skirt steak burrito with blue cheese in it.  But the flan, oh the flan!  It was so nice to feel so carefree with Kevin.  As much as I love our son, I spend a lot of time when we are all together worrying about his needs and it was nice not to have to worry.  It was nice to be out with my husband, and it was nice to do things that I wanted to do. It was perfect.

So I’m pretty stinking proud of myself, and pretty happy that I have a long vacation planned in Washington with my family in a few weeks.  It’s probably the longest vacation I’ve had in a long time, and while it’s still a family related trip I think it’s going to be brilliant!  I’m looking forward to getting back to that part of the country. Seattle is such a cool city and I love spending time in that area.  More to come on that one.

Off to enjoy the day!


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