Watch me go

Last year, I was pretty quiet here in this little strand of the cyber-cosmos. I had good reason to be, though. If 2011 was the year I became a mother, 2012 is the year I learned to work full time as a mother. It. Was. Hard. It took a tremendous amount of energy and if I’m being completely honest, I’m still not so sure I’m any good at it.

We took a few trips in 2012 to prove we could–one trip to move my Daddy from the Alabama coast to central PA.  Sam got to meet his Papa for the first time and I also proved that I could handle air travel alone with an infant. The other trip was to the greater Seattle area to visit my mom and step dad in their new digs. I love this part of the country and am so glad we have a reason to visit often.

We got sick. A lot. Apparently, this happens when you have a baby in group daycare.

We became parents of a walking, talking (sort of), creative, funny, affectionate, little boy. It wasn’t over night, but it sure feels like I woke up one morning and he was grown.

In 2013, I want:

To eat more home cooked meals.

To be present for my child when we are together.

To continue to do the best that I can, and to have that be enough.

To go on more dates with my husband.

To call my Daddy more.

To fear less.

Have more intent.

To write more.

To pick one small project per month and actually complete it.

Worry less.

Save $.

Be a friend.

Twelve items, 12 months. Watch me go.


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