Dear Samson: Year One

Oh Samson, How is it that twelve whole months have gone by since you were born?  Thats right.  Twelve. Whole. Months. 

You continue to be such a ridiculous bright spot in our lives.  You are (almost) always smiling, or making others smile.  It’s phenomenal, really, the joy you spread to others through your own delight in the world.  You chuckle all the time, and sometimes so much that you give yourself quite the case of the hiccups!  You wave at almost anyone who makes eye contact with you.  Everyone who meets you comments on what a happy baby you are.   

You really are, Sam.  You are one of the happiest babies I’ve met.  You do, however, have your moments.  They are usually brief, and usually for a reason (frustrated, tired, hungry, or sick).  

And have I told you that you are so very close to walking?  You can crawl like crazy and you pull up on everything.  We got you a push toy for your birthday and you love to walk behind it, pushing it along.  You look so damn proud of yourself.  You should be.  You’re nothing short of amazing.

Oh, and the very best thing lately?  You say “mama” now.  For months you’ve been saying “dada” and you’ve seemed to use it when referring to me and to Daddy.  But you’ve just started in on “mama”.  Just the other day, you looked at me and “mama” in the sweetest little voice, with your bright blue eyes locked on mine and chased it with the cutest smile.  I melted immediately.

We had a big party for you to celebrate your birthday.  Neighbors, friends, and family all came to wish you well.  We had a Very Hungry Caterpillar themed party, with all kinds of good things to eat.  I even made you a special little cake — chocolate with vanilla frosting and sprinkles.  We all sang to you, and then set the cake down in front of you.  You took a handful of frosting, squished it in your fist and made a face like it was the most disgusting thing anyone had ever made you do.  You flat out refused to taste the cake and shook your head and waved your hands if anyone tried to make you.  You had some pizza, some fruit, but no cake.  I had a split second when I thought you might have been switched at birth, but I got over that as I was eating your cake later after you went down for the night.

I don’t really know what the next few months hold for us, but I know it will be fun watching you continue to grow.  I know that I’ll continue to take in every moment with you that I can, because if I’ve learned anything in the last twelve months (and man have I learned), it’s that the time passes entirely too quickly.  



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