The Yin and the Yang of it all

The Universe has been quite…temperamental as of late.  It gives, and then it takes.  Recent examples of this include minor things involving work; and other bigger ones like the fact that my dear Dad finally decided it was time to move north so my sister and I could more easily care for him (this is huge) and then decided, on a whim, to email the lawyer who helped us put together the Power of Attorney contract when he first got sick and ask for a revocation.  Then, hours later, he apologized for temporarily losing his mind.  See what I mean?

I can usually deal with the ebb and flow.  Other times, it feels like a tidal wave about to wash me away.  The only thing I can do is take a deep breath and go with the flow.  I’m nervous about staying focused this month when the focus really counts at work.  I’m nervous about being the sole caregiver for my baby for 3 days (my busiest three days this month) without the awesome back-up that my husband provides, so that he can help drive a moving van full of my Dad’s belongings north from Alabama to Pennsylvania.  I’m nervous about surviving those three days, and then immediately hopping on a plane Friday night–our first time traveling together via plane–again solo.

Friends of mine have suggested I continue to take it day by day and I guess that’s what I have to do.  Focus when I can and know that I can only do what I can do, and that is what counts.


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