Tick Tock

It occurred to me the other day just how fast time is passing by.  A typical day can be broken down like this:

Alarm goes off.  Shower. Nurse. Dress. Drop S off at Day Care.  Arrive at work.  Pump.  Meet.  Pump.  Call.  Pump.  Meet. Commute home.  Nurse.  Dinner.  Bath. Nurse. Pump. Bed.

When your days tick by like that, it’s easy to understand how suddenly it’s May.  How suddenly I have an 8 month old, I’m still struggling with my job, my milk supply, my housekeeping, and making time for my marriage.  

Still, there are those moments that are timeless and I find the urge to hold onto those as tight as I can.  Moments when, after I have been working all afternoon (ON A WEEKEND), I come home to discover my sweet, blonde little baby playing quietly on the floor.  He doesn’t notice that I’ve come home until I call “Hi Sam,” at which point he turns every which way until he finds where my voice is coming from.  His excitement is not only obvious, but instantaneous.  And I pretty much melt. right. there.


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