The reason I breathe at all.

My dear Little Dude,

You are almost 7 months old and you amaze me no less than 442 times a day.  You have so much to show us and tell us and when I look into your eyes, I can see that you want to communicate with us as much as we want to be communicated with.  You are happy almost constantly.  Even when you are sick, you are so smiley that even the doctors are baffled when they discover an ear infection.  You love laughing, dancing, singing.  You are the perfect blend of tenacity and happy-go-lucky.

In short, you are joy personified.

It was not possible to comprehend love prior to you and sometimes I feel as though my heart could stop in one hundredth of an instant if you ceased to be.  Then you look up at me with the bluest of blue eyes, the pinkest of pink cheeks, and a smile that could turn stone into oatmeal and I remember that you are the reason I breathe at all.




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