Anxiety? What anxiety?

No sooner had I finished gushing to The Big Boss about how I’m feeling good, I’m ready for this baby, etc., and that I’ve finally “given everything up to the universe” than I had to run to the restroom and toss my cookies.

For real.

The Hubs and I were experiencing some pretty rad stomach upset last night, but I’ve been having some degree of stomach upset for the past several weeks since Kid Vicious is crowding all my insides.  Despite our sleepless night, I woke up feeling tired, but generally ok.  I followed my normal morning routine, breakfast and all, and then headed into work.

Shortly after the second clementine, my stomach started to huuurt.

I headed home, called the doc, and got the ever reassuring “As long as you can keep fluids down, you’ll be fine.  We just don’t want you to get dehydrated.  See you on Saturday for your next scheduled appointment!” I must confess I was extremely freaked that this could be the start of labor (as were my coworkers), especially considering that Kid Vicious is still sideways.  Unfortunately, the saving grace here is that Kevin is also feeling totally rotten.   Sorry, honey.

Not only do I have a few big ends to tie up at work, but we are facing what I think will be our last weekend as a couple.  And it’s a 3 day weekend, to boot.  We’ve got plans to enjoy ourselves as much as our bodies and souls can bear.

So here I sit, chugging clear liquids and noshing on an occasional piece of toasted bread and hoping we have another week ahead of us.


2 thoughts on “Anxiety? What anxiety?

  1. I cannot even fathom what you're going through right now. I hope you and Kevin start to feel better soon. Very soon.

    PS: Kid Vicious: lay off your mama for a bit 🙂

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