I never knew what it was like to be kicked in the cervix before you…

Dear Baby,
What the hell position are you in, anyways?  It’s uncomfortable, as I continue to feel pressure in my left hip or under my right rib cage.  Or when you kick (punch?) me in the bladder.  Or deliver a swifty right into my cervix.  I never could have even imagined what that would feel like before you came along.

Anyhow, I appreciate the action as this weekend you had me convinced you were done but for the record, it’s still really uncomfortable.  Momma is tired, hungry, and this heat is crazy (even though we have central air).  Please try to settle down just a little at some point tonight so I can get more than 45 minutes of sleep, OK?  You’re coming in 8 more weeks or so (maybe less, maybe more) and it would be great not to be completely stressed and strung out when you decide to make your debut.  Hey, can’t blame a girl for askin’.



One thought on “I never knew what it was like to be kicked in the cervix before you…

  1. don't feel bad – i've been told it could be worse. my mother went to a performance of swan lake at lincoln center when she was about 7 1/2 months pregnant with me. you know the famous black swan pas de deux, when the black swan does the 32 fouette turns? the audience is supposed to count out loud, and they give the giant ovation when she does them. well. apparently, i kicked her in the kidney in perfect syncopation with every fouette turn. 32 times.

    so i guess what i'm saying is, avoid swan lake. 🙂

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