A word on inappropriate touching

I can’t exactly remember who was responsible for the stranger danger/inappropriate touching talk when I was in elementary school, but I remember two things about this talk.  First, the teacher did her darndest to make sure we knew that if anyone ever touched us in our bathing suit area (meaning the places on your body that your bathing suit covered), we were to tell our parents immediately.  The second thing I remember is that I took this very seriously.  So seriously, in fact, that when my Mom’s cousin came to visit and kept tickling me on the tummy I ended up pulling my dear mother aside and telling her that her cousin was touching me in my bathing suit area.  My mom looked horrified and asked me to describe where.  She was much relieved when I told her he kept tickling my belly.  I, however, was not.  I wore one pieces and if the “bathing suit rule” was true (which it most certainly was–why would my teacher lie to us?), then he was most certainly out of line. 

So it should be no surprise that I have a wee bitty problem with folks who feel that my bulging baby bump is free reign.  Granted, only 3 people have touched without asking and none of them were complete strangers.  However, I know that my bump is still only a fraction of what it will grow to be in the remaining 12 weeks of pregnancy.  Based on what I have experienced so far, as the belly grows so grows the magic tractor beam that calls to one and all like one of those bug lights.  I have remained relatively calm so far, but I fear that as my irritability increases, my patience will decrease.  Someone may end up with a mouthful of fist if they aren’t careful.  Or, atleast some major side-eye.


3 thoughts on “A word on inappropriate touching

  1. when they touch your belly, touch their belly back. i only had the guts to do it once, but the look i got made me know that the person would NEVER again touch a belly without asking first!

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