Live it up, Baby!

Wow.  Carrying a baby takes an awful lot out of you.  So does worrying about all the things that can possibly be going wrong with your pregnancy.  Rewind to Monday: the night before the big ultra-sound.  I’m petrified.  I can’t sleep.  When I do sleep, I dream that I hemorrhage all over the damn place before my appointment and no one seems worried about it but me.  Tuesday morning comes and I’m bleary-eyed and nervous and excited.  I get to see Baby H again, after 10 long weeks! 

During the actual ultra-sound, I’m comforted by all of the information the technician is giving us.  This is looking good, guys she says to us.  I tell her to keep the positive affirmations coming because we’ve been really nervous.  The heart has 4 formed chambers and is pumping at a steady 150 bpm.  The head looks good, areas of the brain look good.  Both the abdominal wall and spinal column are fully formed and looking fine.  We count 5 knuckles/fingers on each hand and we see 5 toes on each foot.  Bones are measured.  All is well, though I did have to get up and walk around for about 10 minutes for Baby H to shift positions.

There seems to be no problems, BUT….

the tech can’t seem to get a clear view of the baby bits and her vote is mostly split between boy and girl. 

She captures a few murky shots and calls in the doctor to evaluate.  He goes back through all of her other measurements, reassuring us that everything looks normal.  Hell, the baby is even developmentally 6 days ahead of where it should be estimated on my due date.  But, he can’t make out clear genitalia on from the images either.  He decides to check it out himself, but by that time, Baby H has had enough and has flipped itself into an impossible position, crossing it’s legs at the ankles and going all fetal position on us. 

All of this, I could have dealt with.  Baby H was just not cooperating.  No biggie.

But this doc, as competent and thorough as he is, decides that since the images are not clear and he can’t get any satisfying images on his own that his main concern is that Baby H has ambiguous genetalia, aka intersex.  I have a follow up appointment in 4 weeks for another anatomy ultrasound–this time with concentration on the genitalia.

My own OB was pretty pissed that he had to leap to horrible conclusions like that. Apparently, he told another patient that since he couldn’t get a good image of her baby’s stomach, that he was concerned the baby didn’t have one.  Of course, everything was fine.

Everything will be fine for us as well. I feel confident with a few more weeks to bake, Baby H won’t be able to hide it’s bits very well.  They might have had higher resolution machines, but it is still early.  So we have to wait a little longer, which is totally fine by me.  Atleast I know the bugger is developing normally, moving around, and enjoying it’s stay in utero.  Live it up, Baby.


6 thoughts on “Live it up, Baby!

  1. uh, wow. now, we lawyer types are prone to go to the worst-case scenario when there's uncertainty in a given area, but really, at the end of the day, lawyers are paid to do that.

    a doctor is paid to a) heal people and b) make sure they're at ease while they're being healed. there is absolutely no reason for that guy to go around instilling panic in pregnant ladies and their families for NO APPARENT REASON. dude, if that's your fear, don't come right out and SAY it.

    this is why lawyers and doctors do not get along. and i am really sorry you had to deal with that stress. baby H is gonna be a tiny little rock star in every way, and soon that will show up on camera. 🙂

  2. Such a cute post! Write it all down… It is all an adventure… Isn't amazing how they can see everything in the ultrasound… Nature is truly amazing!!! Best wishes to you both! Can't wait to find out 🙂

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