Good News Tuesday X

I’ve been feeling kind of…emotionally mixed up lately.  I’m sure it has nothing to do with my Daddy’s wavering health, my Mother’s relocation to the opposite side of the country, my lack of immune system, and the onoing Home Improvement Project, right?  Pair all of that with the post-holiday withdrawl I’m feeling and you’ve got one girl who could us a good “count your blessings” kind of moment. So, what’s the good word today?  Let’s find out…

  • My Daddy’s pneumonia is getting better and he got to back to the Assisted Living facility yesterday.  Although he had to spend Christmas in the hospital, and the doctors never called us to tell us what exactly was going on, he was in good spirits and cooperative.  This event has also taught my sister and me that we made a really good decision by getting him set up in Assisted Living.  I’m not sure he would have made it through had he been at home.
  • Remember when I said a few posts ago that my blog was “in transition”?  Turns out my husband bought me a domain for Christmas.  Contents of this blog can now be found by going directly to I also have a pretty kick-ass set of mini-business cards for ‘BOTB.
  • Colds don’t last forever.  Right?  I came down with one yesterday.  It was all I could do to move from bed to couch and back again.  Today, I can’t really breathe.  I’ve been pounding mucinex, decongestant, zinc, echinacea, oranges, and as much tea as I can stomach. 
  • I managed not to laugh in my in-laws faces on Christmas Day.  I was given a Glenn Beck book of warm fuzzy holiday stories.  Glenn Beck.  And I didn’t laugh.
  • If I start to feel better, I can enjoy the remaining time off of the week. Kevin and I are going to go to the Rock Hall, to the movies, and to Melt Bar and Grilled.  I’m excited if I could only get rid of this damned cold.
  • I took Hannah to paint your own pottery on Sunday and we had a blast.  I love her to death and I hope that she doesn’t forget that as she gets older. 
  • Did I mention my husband bought me a domain?
  • Did I also mention he found all kinds of 90’s CDs for me….including Pearl Jam?
  • Did I also mention that he got me some pretty rad kitchen gadgets like cut proof gloves, a mandolin, and a titanium spork?!  Man, that guy is a keeper.

What good news do you have to share today?


7 thoughts on “Good News Tuesday X

  1. Your own domain name!?!?! HOW AWESOME OF A GIFT!!! Brilliant idea on his part. Simply brilliant.

    And I'm glad your dad is out of the hospital. That's definitely a good thing.

  2. Your husband rocks!

    So happy to hear about your Dad.

    Not so happy to hear about your Glenn Beck book.

    But, let's focus on your Dad!! It sounds like you and your sister made the right decisions.

  3. Kelly- I miss you. I know you have lots of stuff going on, but we need to get together if you feel up to it. Maria emailed us- let's put a date (in pen) on our brand new 2011 calendars.

    Glenn Beck? Eek- I am laughing for you.
    And props to Kevin for the great gifts!

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