The Season of Giving: The Luckiest Girl

There have been several times over the past two months where I have said outloud, to no one in particular, the following phrase:

I have nothing left to give.

I’m consumed by thoughts of my Dad (back in the hospital), trying to get back into the groove of normal life after such a jarring November, gearing myself up for my first Cleveland christmas despite it all, and combatting sickness along the way. 

Yet, when I feel as though I’m scraping the bottom of the barrell, I find just a little bit more and in many ways I have you to thank.  Thank you for the kind words you’ve posted to me here, and on facebook.  Thank you for the encouragement and offers to help in any way that you can. 

Thanks go out to my fellow bloggers as well.  I may not be posting, but I’ve been reading.  You’ve given me many smiles, laughs, and much needed distractions over the past few weeks. Please keep it up.  I need reminders that there is a world going on outside my self-formed bubble.  It’s because of your generosity of spirit that I find a little more to give when I thought I was done.  And trust me.  I’ve felt done (and undone) more than once in the past few weeks.

When I think about how much I’ve been given the past year, I feel like The Luckiest Girl.  I’m grateful beyond words and I wish you nothing but the same during this holiday season, and as we head into 2011.


3 thoughts on “The Season of Giving: The Luckiest Girl

  1. We all have such power in ourselves you wouldn´t imagine. I 'll dream of you getting a bright sun- shine in your thoughts.

    In my country there is a saying- tomorrow there´ll be a better day.

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