I had no idea when I was giving October so much shit 4 weeks ago that November was going to be more awful than I could imagine.  After two of the longest weeks of my life working 16 hour days alongside my fearless older sister and accompanied by her very (very) tolerant 7 month old daughter, we moved my Daddy from the rehab facility he landed in after his strokes to an assisted living community.  He will have his own apartment, nurses who check-in on him, monitor his meds, etc.  He’ll have 3 meals a day, help cleaning and doing laundry, and all kinds of therapy to aid in his recovery.  We had to make a fast decision, but I feel the one we did make was the best possible one my sister and I could have made for him under the circumstances with which we were faced.  I am both relieved and worried; content and concerned.  I keep waiting for the bottom to drop out again. 

And now here I am with the holidays on the horizon.  If I’m being honest, I’m a little freaked.  This will be my first Cleveland Christmas, and likely one without any of my family for once.  I’m a little sad.  Not just because of Christmas, but because “normal” as I know it may be over.  I knew change was coming, but it all happened at once and I guess I’m feeling a little shell shocked.  I need sleep, chocolate, shopping, and Elvis’ Blue Christmas on repeat (maybe interspersed with Porky Pig’s version for some levity)


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  1. Oh sugah. That isn't what the holidays are about! The first Christmas I spent w/ Adonis in a new city, we made it OURS. You may not love Cleveland but go find things you love about Christmas (carolling? nativity plays, whatever) and see how Cleveland does them. And chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate.
    And it does sound to me that you've done right by your dad. Believe in yourself, my friend!

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