I’ve figured out why NaBloPoMo is a bad idea

Shit happens in life.  A normal person who blogs may choose whether or not to blog every day about said shit.  There may be times where that person may think “I am not emotionally equipped to keep myself from rambling on and on about the same shitty life event day after day.  I’m not going to blog for a while until I have something interesting to say.”  And that would be an option, in a normal world.

NaBloPoMo totally effs with that freedom though.  Now there’s a goal attached.  Damned goal.  And I just don’t wanna walk away.  But I think I’m going to have to–for your sake and for mine.   Don’t worry, I’ll still be checking in.


8 thoughts on “I’ve figured out why NaBloPoMo is a bad idea

  1. i've found the opposite to be true – the complete fucked-ness of the last 2 1/2 weeks has made it not only enjoyable for me to write every day, but necessary. it's pretty much my lifeline at this point.

    take care of you. in whatever form you need to.

  2. Ugh Kelly my post from yesterday was pathetic but I am going to do this. Three people close to me have DIED this month so alot of this month is gonna be about that altho funeral food is kinda interesting. I thought I would be back to a painting a day but alas instead the funeral of the day!

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