Good News Tuesday VIIII

Hey ya’ll.  It’s Tuesday, isn’t it?  *SIGH*  My heart ain’t in it, folks, but let’s talk about some good news.

  • I have a headache.  The goodnews?  It will go away.  Eventually.
  • I came home from work at a reasonable hour.
  • I took a bubble bath.  It was sub par because the bubbles weren’t very bubbly. But now I know never to buy the CVS brand of powdered bubble bath, and that is a good thing.
  • My husband made dinner while I took a bath.  While he was frustrated because he burned things and stuff stuck to the pan, it was the most delicious meal because I didn’t make it.
  • I get to teach tomorrow.  1st graders.  I have a feeling they will be the bright spot in my day.
  • Despite the fact that holiday plans are completely up in the air, I’m really looking forward to seeing my Daddy, seeing Hannah’s sweet smile, and holding that baby Halen.
  • Family Ties is in reruns on cable.  I. Love. Alex P Keaton!
  • I have the best friends that a girl can ask for.  This means YOU!

Ok, that’s all I can muster.  What good news do you have to share today?


2 thoughts on “Good News Tuesday VIIII

  1. I'm not in the good news mood. But I will pick out a few things. I had really good chinese food for dinner last night.

    Okay…maybe I'll pick out one thing.

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