Ack! Ack! Ack! Chocolate!


I’m sorry, did someone say chocolate?  Pretty much since Sunday night, I’ve been waiting for this moment.  This awesomely cathartic opportunity to flip the heck off all the stress and worry of the week.
First on my list?  That bitch, October.  Yeah, that’s right.  I’m talking to YOU, October.  You’d probably like me to think that November is to blame for all of this.  But I cannot be fooled, you see!  All the shitty stuff that has happened this month?  It started with you and here you are, willing to pawn off your mess on an innocent month. How. Dare. You.
Next?  STROKES!  Eff you strokes!  How dare you turn my sweet Daddy’s world upside down like that!  You even so much as look in our direction and you are toast.  TOAST.
Third, I’d like to flip off OLD AGE. This kind of goes along with strokes, but deserves it’s own full flip off.
Fourthly, I’d like to flip off my menstrual cycle.  Am I comforted it is still there?  Sure.  Atleast I know something is working right.  But in reality, I really thought our home would be “improved” by now. So, flip off!
Another thing?  My husband’s obsession with zombies.  He’s so excited about them.  It’s kind of funny and kind of…gross?  Unfunny?  You pick.  He can’t stop talking about The Walking Dead.  He’s reading the graphic novel (read: comic book) and we are going to watch zombie movies tomorrow night with my brother-in-law.  Sure, I like zombies.  But I’m not obsessed.  Flip off, zombies!
Flip Off Time change that makes it hard to sleep in!  Flip Off darkness and cold weather that makes it hard to get the yard ready for winter!  Flip Off having 80 hours worth of work and only 40 hours to complete it in!  Flip off intolerance–I’m talking to YOU folks who thought this week’s Glee was inappropriate.  Where were you when the girls were making out a few weeks ago just for fun? Flip Off biological clock and baby fever.  You get me nowhere. 
Join in the fun!  What would you like to flip off this week?

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