Good News Tuesday VIII

You know, when I was falling asleep last night, I had a thought that this edition of Good News Tuesday might be pretty hard to write.  But as it turns out, the universe had other plans.

First, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of you who’ve been sending notes, thoughts, mojo, hugs, etc.  You have literally been holding me up.  Yesterday was not a good day.  I spent the better part of it crying or trying not to cry.  By about 6 p.m., I. Was. Done.   BUT this post is about good news, so I’ll just get on with it. 

My Daddy has suffered not one, but two minor strokes.  We don’t know when they happened, but we think that they might have caused enough confusion that the poor man hasn’t really been feeding or hydrating himself properly for atleast a couple of weeks.  Of course, this means that he wasn’t taking any of his meds on any regular schedule either.  His blood sugar was 350 for cryin’ out loud!  All of these things compounded together made for one sluggish, slow, confused, grumpy, uncapable papa.  Yesterday was frightening because he literally made NO sense on the phone.  Today was better, though, and he actually made a little sense.  Not a ton.  But he was in there somewhere and it was a huge comfort.  The good news?  The doctors seem to think that with some rehab and therapy, they may be able to work with him to reverse some of the damage caused by the strokes.  The next few days are still a waiting game since we now have to find out what caused the strokes in the first place and how to prevent them.  And then we have to figure out how to teach a 79 year old man new tricks so this doesn’t happen again.  But there’s progress and I’m taking it as a win.

Secondly, I have all of you.

Thirdly, at the suggestion of Miss Magnolia, I submitted my open letter to my 16 year old self to The Hindsight Letters.  AND THEY ACCEPTED MY SUBMISSION.  I won’t be published until February 21st and I certainly don’t expect you to mark your calendars to read a post you’ve already read but I still thought it was a pretty cool opportunity.  Oh, and I had a rather successful guest post over on Mad Woman’s spot.  Thank god I’ve hit my stride at something in my life right now!

Lastly, despite the happenings of the last 8 days November and I are still on speaking terms. I’m still blaming that bitch October.

I think we could all use some optimism and I can’t tell you how therapeutic it is to remember the good things so share away, my dears! Share away.


3 thoughts on “Good News Tuesday VIII

  1. Congrats on your blog being accepted to the Hindsight letters! That is super cool. I'm glad to hear your dad is getting better. Good news from Traverse City…It's gonna be 64 degrees by Thursday. That counts for something right?

  2. rock on, on so many levels. so glad to hear that your dad's making progress. knowing your enemy makes it a lot easier to grapple with. always, always sending thoughts.

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