Sometimes, It Just Feels Good to Flip Something Off!

This has always looked like fun and I’m in the mood. 

First of all, let’s flip off the commercial for  Why?  Because it’s SUPER annoying and basically offensive.  It’s also totally misleading.  We ALL know that cougars are those scary ladies with frizzy hair and short skirts with leathery skin and bad make-up.  They also all drink huge beers and dance crazy in places where dancing isn’t appropriate.  Cougars are NOT 35 year old Playboy Playmates, just like the “hot young singles” are probably neither hot nor young.

Second, let’s flip off annoying know-it-alls who pretend that they know how to do your job better than you.  I know you think are offering me some kind of assistance, but really you make me want to punch you. 

Third, let’s flip off being too tired on a Friday to have date night.  Sure, Saturday night will be fine for date night. But being too tired on a Friday night to do much more than snuggle in and watch DVR’ed television at this stage in our lives is kind of pathetic.

Fourth, let’s flip off poverty, the education gap, and anything that prevents kids from having access to a great education that will prepare them for the future. 

Finally, let’s flip off the coming time change.  I am not excited about coming home in the dark.

Who do you want to flip off??  Put your link below and make your own list of flip offs OR atleast visit the other blogs and read what other folks feel is flip off worthy!


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