NaBloPoMo: Emphasis on the PoMo

Yes! How very post modern of me to be blogging about blogging!  Without getting you too terribly excited, I’m composing a guest blog (my first!) over at Diary of a Mad Woman’s corner of the internets.  This assignment came out of the blue but I’m thrilled to have the opportunity.  I just hope half her hard-earned followers don’t drop her on the spot because of me!

To be honest, this assignment has given me plenty of pause to think about this here space.  I’ve been blogging here for more years than I care to remember. (but I’m a dork and I looked and it’s been 7 years.) SEVEN.  Seven entire years since I first created this world you now know as ‘BOTB.  When I first started, my entire readership consisted of 2.  I was immature, often uninspired, and pretty random and confusing at best.  Of course, these were the days before Facebook and Twitter.  Basically, I have Doogie Howsered (yes, that’s a verb) on this bad boy with reckless abandon.

But still, I like to think I’ve found a voice here.  I’ve tackled big issues, put myself out there, and somehow have some followers.  So, you must like what you read!  The challenge that I have is where do I grow from here?  What’s the next step?  The next challenge?  You can hear my voice, but what am I really saying?


3 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo: Emphasis on the PoMo

  1. That there is something out there worth saying. You are searching for it, but since it is already in you, all you must do is type/blog it. A series on memories comes to mind…

  2. ooh, the next step. that's always a challenge. but i think that it's one that has to come naturally. i mean, the best evolution in writing, in my opinion, is the one that comes from seemingly nowhere, when the juices just FLOW. it'll happen.

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