Good News Tuesday VIII

I woke up this morning convinced it was Thursday and that I had to do an entire week’s worth of work in just 2 days.  Imagine my pure joy when I realized it was only Tuesday! Ok, I was a little tongue-in-cheek with that, but only because I would give anything for this week to go by quickly if it weren’t for the fact that I have so much to accomplish.  I looked at my co-worker MM this morning and said “I feel good about it…AND I threw up in my mouth a little about it, all at the same time!”  It’s this brand of optimism that keeps me going each and every day, folks.

Now, for the good news of this Tuesday:

  • We are hiring someone new at work, which is great.  It means many things for me both from a workload standpoint and a professional development/advancement standpoint (I hope!).  Of course, neither of this is in the immediate short term, but the sooner she starts the better.
  • I had the stomach flu this past weekend. As a result, I lost 5 lbs!  I hope I can keep it off since my workout challenge begins tonight!
  • The sun is shining.  This always seems to make me happy–especially when I can feel shining directly on my face. 
  • I’m getting used to the wall rattling, window shaking, ground vibrating humming noise that is coming from the construction downstairs.  It’s almost soothing.*  Like one of those massage chairs…can I get one of those for Christmas?
  • Brace yourselves but I’m actually thinking ahead about future blog posts.  I even have some already started.  This is not at ALL like me, as you well know (do you know?). 
  • I’m about to break out the slow cooker.  What?  Dinner that cooks itself with virtually no supervision?!?  Proof that there is a benevolent force in the universe.

*If by soothing you mean that it makes you absolutely crazy and makes you feel like there is a giant dentist outside, just waiting for you to come out at 5 p.m. so he can drill you down into nothingness. Blargh.  I just threw up in my mouth again.

Ok, that’s it for me (for now).  What good do you have to share?


2 thoughts on “Good News Tuesday VIII

  1. hmm, good to share: A good friend will be guest blogging for me!?!?!

    I still have the GOOD halloween candy.

    My NaNoWriMo muse spent some time with me today: easily gave me 2000 words to work with, if not more!

    Aah, you're right, this felt good. And no “in my mouth” at all. Whew!

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