Twenty easy steps to a crappy week

Step One:
Have a long exhausting, yet somehow unproductive, week at work.

Step Two:
Have what you determine to be an extensive conversation about your husband’s health and how it is affecting you with said husband.

Step Three:
Get into a huge blow-out fight with said husband right before getting into the car for a 5 hour road trip to visit a houseful of your family, who are stressed out from being on top of each other for a week already and have been passing a cold back and forth for said week.

Step Four:
Drive (and drive.  And drive.)

Step Five:
Take your 7 year old niece to the pet store to buy fish and fish related equipment for her birthday.  Make sure to spend more than $60.

Step Six:
Make sure that you don’t double check to see if the heater you spent $25 on will indeed fit when you thought it would not so that when you return from an afternoon out running errands, you discover that all the fish that you just bought that were once swimming happily in the tank have almost all died…

Step Seven:
Discover the fishy deaths only moments before the 7 year old returns home from running errands with her dad. 

Step Eight:
While you are figuring out a way to explain the fishy deaths, you realize that your husband, who had taken a nap earlier in the day because of too much pain medication has taken ill…

Step Nine:
When you return to the family commotion to report on the husband’s illness, you realize that the 7 year old has discovered the fishy deaths.  She is. not. happy.

Step Ten:
Meanwhile, your other niece decides to fuss because she is teething and your sister and brother-in-law get into a fight while your mom is upstairs about something your mom said earlier.

Step Eleven:
Everyone decides to take a time out to look at OLD family photos (of great grandparents, etc) that your mom has spent hours scanning and recording on a DVD.  It is imperative that you look at these photos now, despite the fish deaths, the sick man upstairs, the screaming baby, the mad parents, and the fact that it is 8:30 at night and no one has eaten dinner.

Step Twelve:
Throw the Camping Party bash of a lifetime for the 7 year old niece–complete with fishing rods, tents, hot dogs over a campfire, and S’mores (with peanut butter cups, Almond Joys, dark chocolate–lots of options!). 

Step Thirteen:
Wake up the next morning to not feeling great, next to a husband who looks like death.  Make the 5 hour drive home. 

Step Fourteen:
Drop husband off, un pack car, and get thee to the grocery store.

Step Fifteen:
Make a huge pot of chicken noodle soup.

Step Sixteen:
Wake up sick the next morning. Stay home from work even though it’s a short busy week, so you can try to kick it.

Step Seventeen:
Think you’ve kicked it, only to realize you have not.

Step Eighteen:

Step Nineteen:

Step Twenty:
Call it a week.


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