Dream a little Dream of Me: Who is this girl?

I was catching up on my blog reading while at work and I came across this gem.  It got me thinking about wanting things.  If I could have anything right now, what would I want?

Like most kids, I made lists for Christmas and my birthday.  These lists would almost always consist of things that were easily attainable and looked mostly like this:

1. a pet gerbil
2. a boom box
3. to rent a Nintendo and Super Mario Brothers
4. socks
5. Turtlenecks in the following colors: red, white, black, and blue.
7. earrings
8. books

…and you get the idea.  Bored?  Yep, so am I.  How practical was I??? I never asked for anything outside the realm of possibility. Surely the heavens would collapse if I actually asked for my very own Nintendo and my very own copy of Super Mario Brothers, no?  And don’t even get me started on those damn turtlenecks.  (Don’t get me wrong.  Turtlenecks are awesome.  Who doesn’t love a good turtleneck?  But who asks for turtlenecks.  For Christmas?!)

All of this got me thinking about what I want.  Sure, there’s the practical stuff like:

  • Bathroom towels that aren’t bleached and stained.
  • A new pair of black pumps for the fall.
  • New sweaters.

Then there’s the bigger-but-still-practical stuff

  • New windows for the house and window treatments so we don’t look like we are living in a college rental.
  • New car–preferably one with cushy seats, a sweet stereo system, and heating and cooling system that actually works.
  • New kitchen and bathroom.

Then there’s the life-stuff like:

  • A more reasonable work-load
  • More free time to read/write
  • A greener thumb
  • An organizational system that sticks for once
  • A chubby-wubby baby, with all the fixin’s

But where is the fun?  The unhibited, unabashed and wreckless dreaming? Even now, I was thinking about things that I want… AND THEY ARE ALL PRACTICAL.  Ack!

So, my self imposed homework assignment is to come up with a dream list to share with you later this week.  I’ll give myself a deadline of Friday to come up with said list.  Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to hold me to this and help me dream.  I can’t say some of the things won’t be practical, but I can promise you that there will be no turtlenecks in sight.


5 thoughts on “Dream a little Dream of Me: Who is this girl?

  1. How about one of those bank suction tubes big enough that people can ride in them and they go to your friends' houses. “FOOOMP” “Hi, thought we'd just drop in, or foomp in.”

  2. You have to stick to that list! I found one of mine in my mom's things. She must have wondered “What the heck do I get her?!?” I wanted a unicorn, to meet an actual Austrailian, and I wanted Wesley from the Princess Bride to come over so I could hug him. Gotta love the Dread Pirate Roberts! Lol!

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