Good News Tuesday VII

Dang ya’ll.  Is it Friday yet?  Yah, I didn’t think so.  I feel like I’ve been put through the wringer this week…and it’s only flippin’ Tuesday.  I tell ya, the last thing I want to do right now sit here and tell ya’ll all the good things going on in ‘BOTB-land.  But maybe that’s precisely why I need to. 

So, what’s the good word today?  Let’s find out…

  • I don’t have diabetes!  I was tested at the doctor’s office today and was told my blood sugar was excellent.  I was hungry at the time, so I’m taking this as a compliment.  Also, it’s not as if I suspected I might have diabetes, but it’s always good to rule out life altering diseases.
  • I now have an RX for antibiotics, which will hopefully make the HUGE and VERY painful infections I have somehow developed on my leg subside. Hopefully?  Hopefully.
  • The “home improvement project” continues.  Sure, this could be a bad thing considering that our plans were once again derailed.  However, this “derailment” arrived precisely 28 days after the last “derailment” which, if you’re following this (ladies) means that all systems are returning to normal, so maybe November will be our month!
  • I spoke with my sweet niece Hannah on the phone earlier today.  Not only did she ask for tapes for her 7th birthday, which I found hysterical, but she also told me that she’d prefer to have her birthday party a week later than her actual birthday because it meant that I could be there.  It is important that I am there because she will have new friends at the party (from 1st grade at her new school) and old friends (from kindergarten at her old school).  Pretty much made my day.
  • This week may be tough, but at the end of it, I have a great Friday night planned with my other sweet nieces, Anna and Julia. There will be pizza eating, cookie making and decorating, movie watching, etc.  I’m totally jazzed!

Ok, I’m done for now.  What’s your good news?


3 thoughts on “Good News Tuesday VII

  1. woo-hoo on all fronts! (and yes, i follow… 🙂

    good news for me: it's already tuesday night. i want nothing more than to be way, way, WAY past this saturday and the parade of insane that it will be. i've been dreading this day for six months now; it's only 98 hours or so from being DONE. hallelujah.

  2. End of year travel plans are coming together and almost confirmed. The Yankees are up and The Husband did the dishes!

    Hope your week (and leg!) improve.

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