Goodbye, old friend

So don’t hate me, but when I was younger, my skin rocked.  Besides a few large pores on my nose and such, I had nary a blemish.  Even through my horribly awkward teen years.  I know, you want to poke my eyes out with a large stick, don’t you?  Well, not so fast.
It seems that once I hit the big 30 (a year and a half ago..YIKES!), I developed ***cue dramatic music***
ADULT ACNE.  I can’t tell you how embarassing this is.  Sure, my skin is OK, but it’s really annoying when you’re meeting with people looking like, well, a pizza face.  I went to the dermatologist yesterday and they put me on a strict facewashing and topical regimen.  I now have to wash my face and use Diffiren at night and wash and use Duac in the morning. 
So out goes the Noxema I’ve used on and off since I was old enough use anything but bar soap.  I’ll miss ya, old friend. 

4 thoughts on “Goodbye, old friend

  1. Oh the smell of Noxema….THAT is the scent of teen spirit!

    So this is probably too personal: would hormone therapy let you hold on to the youth cream? Not that I recommend hormones but just a thought.

    I love the idea of writing an ode to a piece of my past. Very cool, thanks for the inspiration.

  2. yeah, i'm just not at all happy with the persistence of acne as i careen wildly towards 30. damn it all, we should be able to leave some problems behind in adolescence. it's evil to have to deal with anti-aging cream and acne gel at the same time.

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