Please excuse the boot prints on my rear

This past week put on her biggest, baddest, heaviest pair of purple Doc Martens and kicked. my. ass.   Seriously.  To add insult to injury, I was totally jealous of her footwear options.  I always wanted a pair of Docs…sigh.

I’ve had some pretty typical stuff to deal with, but my emotions reached new heights when……

(Drumroll, please.)

….my ovarian operating system decided to reboot*. Again.

Let the big sighing commence.
I didn’t deal with the news right away, but pushed it down into that place where I tend to push things like that so I can deal with actually getting ready and out the door for work.  The problem with doing the push is that never stays down for long and it bubbles up at the most inopportune times.  I became susceptible to all kinds of funky moods and I indulged them. Man, did I indulge them.

The thing that I realized today is that (*shock*) I  actually survived.  Get this, I’m 31 years old right?  I’ve had plenty of bad weeks in my life.  I’ve had plenty of times of stress…and as of late I’ve had plenty of periods that have come right when they were supposed to.  If it happens again, I’m pretty sure I’ll make it through.  But, I’d be lying if I said it was easy-peesy.  I was sad, angry, confused.  I guess I still am, a bit.

I think something that I need to do is allow myself to feel blue when I’m feeling blue and to know that when that week comes a kickin’, it’s ok to kick back.

*I didn’t make that up, but I wish I did. Oh, the wonders of the internets!


2 thoughts on “Please excuse the boot prints on my rear

  1. We are SO on the same schedule, it's scary. I've watched us have shitty weeks at the same time….kinda sticks with you.

    Had the talk w/ the hubs today about getting some hormone therapy after we've had our next child. Gotta be easier than lying on a therapist's couch, right?

    I've got a few years on you (7) and I'm sorry to say, I think it gets worse with age. Friends are supposed to tell it like it is, aren't we?

    BTW, are we too old to rock the Docs? I've always wanted them in purple too. My little sister had a pair when I was in my 20s…thought that meant I was too old for them then… too old pshah!

  2. Sorry the week had it's way with you. I know the feeling. Hopefully, sometime very soon, you'll have your way with the week and teach that bitch who is boss.

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