In which we make the most interesting of single-serving friends

We decided to get away this weekend and “drop anchor” in Vermilion for a night. I’m glad we did because we a) really needed it and b) had a great time. 

Vermilion is a sleepy little town about an hour west of the CLE and right on the lake.  It’s a former fishing and harbor town, so many of the houses in the “historic district” are houses that belonged to the captains that docked there, including the B&B where we stayed the night.

The town almost felt like it was from another time.  It’s got about a block of shops and old time-y restaurants, a modest coast, a lovely public dock, some really amazing homes on canals leading out into Lake Erie.

The gazebo in one of the many small parks in this small town.
Soap in the fountain–apparently this is what local hoodlums do on a Friday night.  THE NERVE!

Classic Cadillac hood ornament at the classic car rally by the beach.
As predicted, the sunset did not disappoint.
The locals warmed to us instantly.

We walked around the town, we spoiled our dinner with snacks from the candy store, and we hit up a local winery for dinner, watched the sunset, got ice cream, and called it a night.  Wild, right?

This was our first experience staying in a B&B. Luckily, we had our own bathroom in the suite so we didn’t have to share.  Part of the B&B experience is breakfast, which is provided in a common sitting room.  There was coffee, donuts, bagles, fruit, hard boiled eggs, juice, oatmeal, and Tom. 

Imagine a kind of burly looking guy with messy hair and a scraggly beard wearing a “Save Lake Erie” t-shirt and cargo pants.  Tom was awesome.  Had lots of awesome tips, lots of great ideas about things to do.  When asked where he was from, he answered Cleveland, but when we asked what part (because that’s how we roll in the CLE), he went on to tell us that he’s living for the moment, not staying in one place too long.  In search of the natural beauty of the world, good honest people, friendly spirits, and a drink or two to chase.  He was hysterical, honest, and he got me thinking about not being held back. 

Tom made me laugh, not mockingly, but because it makes me happy to know that folks like him still exist in a world of constant connectivity and materialistic capitalism.   No inhibitions, no fear and most importantly, 100% Tom. 

We parted ways over empty breakfast dishes and Kevin and I headed into town.  We ended up with coffees sitting on the deck by the public beach and Tom waved akwardly as he passed us on his way to the water.  He walked to the water’s edge, stopping briefly to shed his shoes and shirt, and just kept on walking. He swam way out, past the buoys.  A few minutes later, a woman we presumed to be his wife walked down to the beach and waited for him, just reading the paper and letting water lap at her feet. 

See that little dot on the right, between my shoulder and the boat?  Tom.

Kevin and I moved on, taking photos and admiring the classic cars parked by the Maritime Museum before walking back to the B&B to pick up our car.  A couple on bikes rode past us as we walked.  It was soaking-wet Tom and his wife.  We thought they were going to pull into the driveway for the B&B, but they didn’t.  They just rode off down the road.  No shirts, no shoes, no worries.   


6 thoughts on “In which we make the most interesting of single-serving friends

  1. Glad you had a relaxing well-deserved weekend! Vermillion is a lovely little place. I grew up visiting (you pass through my hometown of Lorain as you enter Vermillion). We would get pizza subs from Papa Joe's Pizza, then head to the beach. Chris and I will celebrate 5 years together next month…I will be forwarding him this post. Hint hint- I want a relaxing B&B weekend! lol

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