Good News Tuesday V

Welcome to another installment of Good News Tuesday. What’s the good word today? Let’s find out…

  • I’m working out again and it feels good.  The $200 we spent on the elliptical machine we bought off Craig’s List late last fall really was worth it.  Even if last Wednesday was the first time I’d touched it since February.  I’m marking the days I work out on our calendar.  Every time I work out, I get to put a “w” down so I can see how many times I’ve worked out.  I’m thinking of rewarding myself with a pedicure if I accumulate 11 w’s in the month of August (which will mean I will have worked out every other day for the rest of the month). 
  • I haven’t been feeling terribly witty lately, but have read some other rather awesome blogs and ya’ll are witty as hell.  Keep it up!  I need some inspiration!
  • Speaking of inspiration, it seems that The Benevolent Eddie has been shining down upon me in times of trouble.  This was most evidenced by the fact that just last week, I nearly got into a horrible fender bender on my way to work (I wasn’t paying attention and it was probably going to be my fault–don’t judge!) and just after I came to a screeching, jumping hault, “Elderly Woman Behind the Counter In a Small Town” came on the radio and it immediately calmed me.  Evidence enough on it’s own?  Probably not.  BUT, later that day, I was in the middle of a rant to one of my co-workers about the seeming incompetence of our IT guy when I stopped to take a breath and… my sweet, sweet Pandora was playing “Better Man“.  True story.
  • Best of all?  My husband, who has been wickedly depressed lately, has picked up blogging once again.  He’s decided to take over the reigns at the ‘BOTB sister site, Halfway Gourmet.  See, it was his idea to begin with and the intent was for us to share the load, but between keeping up with ‘BOTB, life, etc., he bailed on me to play video games we weren’t able to give it the love it deserved.  So he’s taken it back and I encourage you to check it out, follow, and share with your friends.  There might even be a contest in the works…

That’s all for me.  What good news do you have to share today?


3 thoughts on “Good News Tuesday V

  1. That's great that Kevin has picked up the other blog! And that you've been working out. If we lived near each other, I'd say let's get those pedis together!

  2. i am starting to feel very, very cared for, in a really adult way. it's a very nice feeling. the confusion is starting to slowly leach itself out of this situation, replaced with a steadiness that's really refreshing.

  3. One, LOVE Better Man, probably one of my FAVORITE PJ songs…up there is Breathe from the latest album. Benevolent Eddie…I'm going to have to use that. See, inspiration works both ways.
    Congrats on the working out. Isn't it addictive? My head works so much better when I'm getting some exercise.
    Heading over to check out your hubs right now….

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