So, I’ve apparently been busy doing things that are not typical of me lately.  You know, things like being confident and organized at work, spending time on the elliptical machine (thanks to PCL for the inspiration), NOT stressing (too much) about baby-making, and finally NOT blogging. 

Sorry about that last one.

I guess that after, a month of blogging about basically nothing, I ran out of “nothing” to say. 

In the midst of all of this nothingness, I’ve been having some pretty weird dreams.  Vivid, they always including many folks from different layers of my life and have very convoluted storylines.  I can’t recall any specifically, but I know one had my boss and her soon-to-be husband  offering to kill someone (don’t remember who; can’t remember why!) 

I’ve been watching lots of cooking shows.  (Shhhh, don’t judge, but I’m watching it now and Emeril is wearing CARGO SHORTS.  Who does he think he is?  Mario Batali?!?!?) Because of the heat, I’ve totally ignored the garden.  As a result, we have about 5 football sized cukes.  You think I’m exaggerating?  Ok, maybe I am.  But they are HUGE and I will take a picture and show you.

Now it is raining and absolutely wonderful and I must go be domestic and fold clothes and get back on that elliptical. 


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  1. Same boat sister. 'cept mine doesn't include Emeril and cukes.

    My last YUMMY dream included a hunkier Courtland (from HGTV's design star). EVERY time we got close to something sexy sexy, my daughter would yell for me and wake me from my dreams.

    That little devil was a perfect angel at the hairdresser's today just in case you think I'm trying to make you rethink the kid thing.

    Enjoy yourself and blogging will come when it comes (it's what I'm telling myself at least!)

  2. Hey Kelly! I sooo love your blog… b/c when I read your posts, I can hear your voice. You speak through each word, every sentence… and it so makes my heart smile 🙂 Thank you!!!

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