True Confessions Thursday V

Welcome to True Confessions Thursday, where brutal honesty rules. Today’s true confessions? Do read on:

  • Oh my god, do I need a drink!  Do you ever have one of those weeks where you aren’t sure whether you are kicking ass, or your ass is being kicked?  Dude.  I. am. living. it.  This has been bizzarro week at work. How bizzarre, you ask?  Let me give you a single, solitary example:  I was applauded by my boss yesterday.  Literally applauded.  In front of my fellow staff members.  And a Board Member.  And one of his colleagues.  During a training session.  When we were asked to share a warm fuzzy story about our jobs.  Me.  Who tells warm fuzzy stories at every single one of our staff meetings.  This is not news to anyone.  Except maybe our training facilitators (the Board Member and his colleague).  She literally gushed, used a high pitched voice, and applauded.  I am pretty sure she might have even squealed. I’m all about the praise, but what the hell?  Bizzarro.  Case closed.
  • I think the universe is sending me messages through Pearl Jam songs on the radio.  Or, maybe the radio station just plays too much Pearl Jam (is there such a thing?!)  Regardless, everytime I feel a little overwhelmed or tired.  Every time I’m ready to throw in the towel, I hear Eddie’s voice on the ol’ FM and I feel immediately calm.

Ok, that’s all for now.  Got something to confess?


4 thoughts on “True Confessions Thursday V

  1. i made a decision last night that could either be the definitive sign that i've become my own woman, or it could be the craziest thing i've ever done in my life. best part? no way to tell which is which just yet. all i can do now is ride it out.

  2. Sorry I'm so late to commenting. My confession: haven't written a post in 4 days and guess what: I don't miss it.

    Shame ain't it?

    I had PJ overload a couple of weeks ago. I was certain the radio station was doing some promo…but nada. And no, I didn't mind at all. Love every song on the new album. A must have.

  3. Heh, Eddie always calms me down too, I wish that happened to me – where I live, Pearl Jam never seems to play on the radio 😦

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