True Confessions Thursday IV

Welcome to True Confessions Thursday, where brutal honesty rules. Today’s true confessions? Do read on:

  • The bucket list, which terrifies me and also makes me cringe because I think I hate lists that I’m not paid to make, was oddly fun to write.  You might have just gotten me on the bandwagon, list makers.  No promises though.
  • As fun as blogging every day has been, I’m relatively glad that tomorrow marks the end of this July blogging project.  I’ve come up with a few new themes–namely Good News Tueday and True Confessions Thursday and I think I’ll keep them around and see how they grow with this ever changing nebulous space of internets I call ‘Bama on the Brain.
  • I made a bitchin’ zucchini pie for dinner tonight, if I do say so myself.  Not only did I get to use up what I thought was the last zucchini for a few days (not true–2 more were hiding after a few days of rain, and one of them was easily the size of my 3 month old niece), but it was tasty and awesome and when I make tasty and awesome things, I feel good about myself.  My ability to cook shouldn’t be so tightly connected to my general overall self-image, but it totally is and a tasty pie nothing to scoff at. 
  • I much prefer having windows open than to having air conditioned air pumping constantly.  It finally cooled down to more seasonal temps today and we shut down the air and threw open all the windows and screen doors.  When summer is 80 degree days and 60 degree nights, it’s complete and utter bliss.  When summer is 90 degree days and 78 degree nights, it’s another story all together. I have a feeling I will sleep better because I can hear the crickets singing.
  • I’m starting to like some beers.  There.  I said it.  Previously a non-beer only drinker, I’m starting to come around.  Used to be the same way with coffee, and now this.  If it weren’t for the acne I’m currently battling I’d feel, like, all mature and stuff.

Ok, that’s it for me.  Your turn!  Whatcha gotta get off your chest?

****Alert!  My friend Jessica over at Have We Met? found a wee little kitten today that someone cruelly (like those-ASPCA-commercials-with-Sarah-McLachlan-cruelly) abandoned.  In a box.  In torrential rain.  And in subsequent summer swelter.  The kitten’s siblings had already died when Jessica found them.  The local shelters won’t take the kitten because they are overcrowded and she doesn’t have shots or anything.  Anyone who’s a pet owner knows that kind of stuff ain’t cheap, so head on over and check out the info on Lynx the Kitten. If you have any help you can offer whether it be a donation or just a quick forward of info to your friends on fb, please do!  Jessica is trying to do right by this little one by getting her healthy and finding her a home. 


3 thoughts on “True Confessions Thursday IV

  1. The longer I I am with Lee, the more I realize what a wonderful person she is. She helps with my limitations and keeps me in check while helping me grow.

    Grilled Cheese fixes most ailments.

    I have the world's best friends, even if I don't “hear” them often enough.

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