Your questions answered!

Earlier this week, I begged challenged you to help a sister out by sending me some questions that I could answer in a post to help me finish out the month of daily posts known as NaBloPoMo. Thank you to those of you who sent questions.  Let’s see what inquiring minds want to know…

Elizabeth Rose writes: What is an essential ingredient to keep in your kitchen at all times?

This shouldn’t be a hard question, but it’s like asking someone to pick their favorite twin brother (yes, I’m talking to you, Kevin).  Butter.  Chocolate.  Jane’s Crazy Mixed Up Salt.  Parmesan Cheese.  Perhaps it’s better to think about what ingredients you might need per season. I’d say in summer it is always good to have the stuff to make zucchini cookies or a grilled vegetable salad; fall, chili fixins; winter, meat and potatoes; spring, ingredients for spring veggie risotto.

Erin writes: What are the top 10 things on your bucket list?

This is assuming I’ve written a bucket list, which I’m terrified to do because it means I’ve got work to do!  But, I vowed to answer, even if it is “off the cuff” (or is it “on the cuff”?  I always get sayings mixed up).  Here’s the 2 minute top ten bucket list:

  1. Ride an elephant in India
  2. Stomp on grapes in a big vat like they do in the movies at a vineyard.
  3. Let the waves of the Pacific lap at my feet.
  4. Go camping for real somewhere, and not suck at it.
  5. Sell something that I have created, for money (children excluded)
  6. Write a book.
  7. Cook an entire meal from things that I have personally harvested, cultivated, etc.
  8. Eat honey fresh from a beehive.
  9. Learn to cut myself some slack.
  10. Look in the mirror and completely, utterly, 100% like what I see.

Lettie writes: What does the song ‘Take On Me’ make you think of?  And can you listen without singing along?  Be honest!

This song makes me think of homeroom in high school.  And really bad comic strips.  And since I sing along to all songs (even those I *think* I know but so clearly do not) I would most definitely be belting this one out…especially the high note at the end and probably in the shower.

Lettie also writes: What is your favorite thing to cook when you are having breakfast for dinner?
Buttermilk Pancakes.  Sometimes with chocolate chips in them.  And sometimes breakfast potatoes like hashbrowns or home fries.  But almost always pancakes.

Tara writes: Money is no object.  Plan your dream vacation and make us all drool.

I would love to go back and do a European tour, especially since Kevin has never been.  I’d love to spend more time in Paris and travelling to some small towns on the french countryside.  Maybe someplace in Europe that has a kitchen, too, so I can cook some fabulous french meals with fabulous french ingredients.  I’d also love to go somewhere tropical again, but also somewhat remote so you don’t get all the touristy-trashy kind of stuff.  I’d like to spend some time someplace that has rainforest and volcano to do some hiking and some outdoorsy stuff.  If I could plan a trip that would encompass all of that, then that’d be pretty ideal.

Sarah writes: If you could change 3 things about the world, yourself, your past what would they be?

About the world: that it was safe enough everywhere to not have to lock your doors.
About myself: that my metabolism was faster
About my past: according to the rules of the space time continuum, changing the past is tricky business.  I say “nothing” because the path that I have been on has led me to some really great people and experiences and I’d be lost without them.

The husband (yes, he reads!) writes: Who would play you in the sitcom about your life?

For those of you who don’t know, my friend MMM is convinced that my marriage is a sitcom.  When I tell her stories from my every day, I preface them by saying “Now, this is definitely a Season 3 situation, but….”  Kevin and I were having much debate the last few weeks because we were trying to cast our show.  I said Kerri Russell because she’s cute and because she has the hair to pull it off.  If you disagree, don’t judge!  We’re still trying to decide who should play Kevin. 

Cheree writes: If we can put a man on the moon, split atoms, map genomes, perform in vitro surgery, why can’t someone come up with a system of painless, permanent hair removal?

Perhaps if more people listened to Hoodoo Gurus, Cheree, we’d be able to come up with a way. 

Kim writes: What is your dream job?

I’m still trying to figure this one out.  Part of me thinks that I would really like to be a teacher (but without all the bureacracy and political BS that comes with it) and part of me things that I would really like to own my own bakery.  Maybe my dream job is to own my own bakery and baking school?  Can you tell I struggle with this? 
Kim also writes: What’s the one thing you think no one knows about you?

I think no one knows how personally I take things, but I know I’m wrong.  I internalize EVERYTHING.  If you are hurting, I hurt. Even if you aren’t hurting and I think you should be, I hurt for you.  Anyone who’s had any sort of real conversation with me (or even read this blog) has probably figured that out about me.  I sometimes feel like I’m so ridiculously obtuse, that no one has me pegged.  In reality, it’s the opposite.  I’m the one without a clue.  I’m also often intensely private, which is funny for someone with a blog.  Blogging is my little challenge–an excerise in self-expression which I think I’m getting better at every day.  I’m also a terrible liar, so what you see on ‘BOTB is usually the real deal. 

See ya tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Your questions answered!

  1. it's scary how you got in my head with the last answer. i'm right there with you. i've always felt like i am such a puzzle. lately, i've been confronted with a rather tangled situation (stay tuned for coverage of it now that the bar exam is over), and it's been shown to me that a) i really don't get it at all, and b) i am so completely transparent that it's scary.

    that's a weird way to feel.

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