Good news Tuesday IV

Welcome to another installment of Good News Tuesday. What’s the good word today? Let’s find out…

  • Despite some rather low feelings over the weekend and into the first part of the week, I’m staying positive.  I have to say that this is in large part to some really sweet notes and responses I’ve gotten from some dear readers of this very blog.  It makes all the difference so thank you!
  • I slammed a Summer Shandy with dinner tonight, so I’m feeling a little relaxed, which is just the thing I needed after a rather thoughtful day of work.  Mmmmmmmm…shandy….
  • Many of you have answered the call and have sent some questions for me to answer as part of my post tomorrow. Thanks to those of you who have and if you haven’t submitted questions, what are you waiting for?  Many of them are pretty fun questions, so I’m looking forward to responding (and hearing your responses to my response….mmmm….shandy)
  • Speaking of my blog post tomorrow, there are only 3 more days in this damn blogging project.  I promise I’ll do it again soon (but not too soon) and I promise I’ll try to do something more creative with my posts (try being the operative word here).

That’s about it from ‘BOTB land.  Whatcha got to share?


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