True Confessions Thursday III

Welcome to True Confessions Thursday, where brutal honesty rules. Today’s true confessions? Do read on:

  • I have a huge hankering for a Dee-Lish-Us margarita right about now.  Or maybe a pina colada.  The kind of pina colada that’s made with real pineapple, good dark Puerto Rican rum, coconuts right off the tree, and cherries that have been freshly marashinoed.  Yes.  That’s it.  Freshly marashinoed.
  • My husband has been making some pretty serious and remarkable faces when coming across TV that confuses/amuses/causes-him-to-wonder-what-the-what.  I’ve been tempted to catch a few and post them, but it’s hard to capture said moment in time and who would really be amused anyways? 
  • I’ve been too lazy to come up with my summer bucket list.  Yet the summer winds on. Ironic? Sure.
  • I woke up with “Respect” by Erasure in my head this morning.  What on earth could that possibly mean?!

Ok, that’s it for me. Your turn!  Confessions?


4 thoughts on “True Confessions Thursday III

  1. I'm with on the Pina Coladas. But it might just be b/c it sounds a little like penis and I REALLY need to get laid.

    I actually had a margie/pina fountain at my wedding. Sucky thing was I thought I might have been PG and only had one. That sucked.

    You've gotta capture the genius of the hubs b/c that stuff is blog GOLD!

    Since summer last until October here I'll make my list the last week of September. Lets compare notes then.

    Shit, I was supposed to make some confession (come on, who doesn't whine about their sex life?)….um, my MIL painted my kitchen this week and I encouraged it. Now that its done, I HATE it.

    She's here for another week. Day 8 I may be heading back to the paint store.

    Hey Jessica: get your ass to the gym.

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