Extreme Poodles?

Here I am, minding my own business and flipping channels when I happen upon a show entitled “Extreme Poodles”.  In the words of my personal hero, Liz Lemon “What the what?!”   Kevin and I watched in horror as these pet owners preened, prodded, primped, snipped, sprayed, fluffed and coiffed their poor pooches all the shades of the rainbow.  One lady was airbrushing a face into the side of her dog, which she had adorned with feathers to look like a native american headress.  On. her. dog. 

I know my usual mantra around here is “Don’t Judge!” but I’m judging, people.  This is utterly ridiculous. What’s even more ridiculous to me isn’t the fact that people find amusement in torturing their poor dogs by making them look like a Mardi Gras float (I saw a dog with rhinestones. Rhinestones!).  What I find complete and utter horror in is the fact that people ACTUALLY WATCH THIS SHOW.  A show about people who find amusement in torturing their poor dogs by making them look like a Mardi Gras float!  Ok, I’m partially guilty, since I stopped on it.  But I only stopped for a few minutes split second.  I’d post photos, but as I’ve said before, this is a family show. Google at your own risk.


3 thoughts on “Extreme Poodles?

  1. insanity. and you know, I will excuse the viewers (for the most part). I fault the Producers and Creators of a show like that! b/c at some point they sat around the conference room table and someone said “you know what we should do a show about”? and lots of someone else's agreed with them!

  2. OK, first I must say HUGE KUDOS, b/c me love me some Liz.

    Next, have you seen Best in Show? You must see it. Sad how true it probably is.

    When you're done watching the series can you come save me from my inlaws? We're watching mythbusters EVERY NIGHT!

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