Good News Tuesday III

Welcome to another installment of Good News Tuesday. What’s the good word today?  Let’s find out…

  • I’m in love…with our new furniture.  I’m pretty sure that I convinced myself to stay home from work yesterday for the express purpose of being able to take a nap on that couch.  Of course, blogging about a damn couch (no matter how tenderly it’s abundance of cushions holds you while you slumber) isn’t super interesting.  So I’ll stop soon. (See, more good news!)
  • Speaking of recurring themes, remember that absolutely-heinous-no-good data entry project?  The spreadsheet part is done!  Huzzah!  I’ve conquered you, you evil spreadsheet! 
  • I received some very awesome legal news–mostly that I don’t have to go trial in August!  For those of you unaware that I had to go to trial in the first place, it’s a long story involving a traffic accident that happened in 2007.  Without going into the gory details, it’s over and it’s a huge relief. 

Trust me when I say it’s often hard to come up with good news.  I felt icky all day today, but managed to trudge through only to get home and find my husband feeling icky too. All that said, I still found some good news to celebrate! 

So no excuses–what good news do you have to share today? 


5 thoughts on “Good News Tuesday III

  1. I know that game all too well. Sophie started doing that so frequently that we ended up buying a litterbox she had to enter from the top so she couldn't pee over the edge. It worked for a while, until she stopped using it at all b/c she can't climb as well as she used to (arthritis, I suspect.)

    Blessings abound, don't they! 😉

  2. I get out of this b/c I'm just reading this on wednesday, right?

    Alright, I'll play. The 2 year old slept until 5 am (which is HUGE), I haven't had to do the dishes or fold laundry for the past week b/c the inlaws are here AND, I've had a good hair week.

    I know, my wittle comment made you feel awl betta, wight?

    Oh, and my daughter is picking up all kinds of words spending so much time w/ the inlaws. That some real good news!

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