An Open Letter to my Chinese Spammers

Dear Chinese Spammers,

You had me all excited when you first commented because the translation of your foreign language, while broken, sounded semi-relevant to what I was writing about. I thought I’d reached a new continent and readership (which, let’s face it, would be amazing considering I only have about 22 dedicated followers of this here blog).  But then you started commenting on EVERYTHING. It was the ellipses that gave you away–your way of fitting oh-so many links to God-knows-what-kind-of-smut.  Thanks to NaBloPoMo, almost every day, I reject your comments because I don’t know you and can’t trust the links.  It really sucks and I feel bad doing it.  So…maybe just shut it down.  Stop commenting.  Or atleast know that I’m moderating comments (in large part due to you) and you’ll never get through.  I’m just too damn smart for you.

‘Bama On The Brain


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