True Confessions Thursday II

Welcome to True Confessions Thursday, where brutal honesty rules. Today’s true confessions? Do read on:

  • I admit it.  I’m one of “those crazy people” who went to see the third Twilight movie.  I devoured the books and feel that, while the movies are only OK, they are a part of the total experience.  It’s kind of a train wreck to see how the books (which were not necessarily GOOD, but more like a cocaine habit) translated to film. Plus, there are lots of guys with good hair and awesome chests (don’t judge!).  However, there are lots of melodramatic and not-very-genuine moments which take a great deal away from everything else.  Now I’ve gone and written an entire paragraph about it.  See, I AM one of “those crazy people”!
  • I’m becoming envious of people out walking their dogs, or gardening in the morning, or sitting  and chatting with friends outside the bakery I pass every morning on my way to work with coffee in one hand and a pastry in the other.  I think to myself as I’m driving to work “Why can’t I be sitting with my friends, sipping coffee and eating delicious baked goods?”  Someday, I will have this kind of life.  But it won’t be for a long while.
  • I would desperately love to take a random day off from work.  I have major thoughts about making that day tomorrow.  However, some very strange sense of responsibility pulls me to work each morning.  Speaking of work, it’s about to get uber-interesting because one of our staff members is leaving.  Part of me thinks I should get my random days in now.  The other part of me thinks this is the time to seem really committed and to get work done.  Sigh.  The cycle never really ends, does it?  

Ok, that’s it for me.  Your turn! What do you have to confess today?


5 thoughts on “True Confessions Thursday II

  1. confession: even though my feet freaking KILL right now, i am damn proud of having made it through an entire carless day walking all over northwest DC and northern VA in my incredibly fetching 3″ round-toed T-strap heels. i will pay for this accomplishment, but i am proud. i am southern, after all. 🙂

  2. Magnolia–more power to you! It's been too long that I've had a love affair of that magnitude with a pair of shoes. I'm sad to say I'm a sensible shoe kind of girl. I like sassy flats, though! 🙂

    Sadako–welcome to the party! Have fun napping (while I jealously enter data in to a spreadsheet here in BOTB-land).

  3. Your personal days are YOUR days to use- I think you should plan one (in the end, a little break could actually make you more productive at work!) So take a day and eat delicious baked goods. Maybe even read one of those vampire books…
    My true confession: I sometimes responsibly plan sick days when I am slooow at work (I like to refer to them as MENTAL sick days where the thought of having to go to the office makes me sick and I would be better off at home)

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