Change is exhausting.

We’re going through lots of changes in our house right now.  The new couch required revising the use of our old living room set.  Now we have a great couch, but need more components to make the room feel “finished”.  Since we couldn’t fit the loveseat down in the basement, it is currently standing on it’s end in our dining room and the dining room furniture is pushed to the side, chairs stacked on top of one another.  Furthermore, the upstairs is halfway through the repainting of the staircase and hallway and the trim will be next.  It’s a big pain in the butt. 

However, like all change, it’s not comfortable when it happens but things will find their place.  The world will right itself again. Sigh.  I just want my house back. 


2 thoughts on “Change is exhausting.

  1. It took so long to get our living room together. Most of it is complete, just needs a few decorative touches.

    It gets better 🙂

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