Good News Tuesday: II

Welcome to another installment of Good News Tuesday.  What’s the good word today?

  • My marriage did not end this evening when Kevin and I tried to fit a loveseat, which measured 30 inches at the widest part, through a doorway that measured 28 inches and down a set of stairs which measured 26 inches.  Yay for us for stopping just shy of trapping one of us in the basement for all of eternity!
  • All the negative press about “he who shall not be named” has created a surge in local pride, which is great for reminding us Clevelanders about all the wonderful things this city has got going.
  • Kevin is finally painting the hallway and the stairs!  House projects are finally underway!  Of course, this will eventually involve painting the trim.  But we’ll be glad when it’s all done, right?

What kind of good news do you have today?


One thought on “Good News Tuesday: II

  1. my good news? i had dinner in public 100% alone today without getting all weird about it. (didn't mean to; got marooned in a giant thunderstorm while walking home.) growth. yes.

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